Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Where in the world is Jessi Swann?"

So I arrive at the Austin-Bergstrom airport bright and early for my 6:40 am flight to Newark, to a check-in line that is literally outside the door. Not much to do but wait, right? So that's what I did. Wait...for about 4.5 hours. I made friends with the people standing around me, and after spending quite a bit of time with them, not only did we all become best friends, we even went as far as making a club! The Continental Carpet Club, or C3 for short. Automatic membership once you reached the carpeted waiting area to check in.
Anyways, we discover that the ridiculously long line was the product of bad weather the day before – everyone who was trying to fly out yesterday was unable to and was thus flying out the next morning. By the time I get up there to check-in, the flight agents were more frazzled then some of the passengers – booking flights left and right, relentlessly. The agent re-booking my flight goes to town and decides that instead of trying to keep the straight shot I had (Austin to Newark, Newark to Tel-Aviv) decides I should go on a detour; Austin to Houston, Houston to Newark, Newark to Zurich (zur-what?), THEN Zurich to Tel-Aviv. No other option, so I had to take it.
When I got to Houston, I went to the customer service desk and they re-booked my flight again, this time from Houston to Newark, Newark to Tel-Aviv. Thank goodness. Keeping track of my luggage was another story, but long story short-I have it with me right now!
So after a very adventurous journey, I finally made it to Eilat, where I was graciously picked up by Nuphar, an Israeli counselor who will be working at camp this summer. I arrived at Kibbutz Lotan around 10:30 pm, and everything was dead silent. Mike, one of the educators at Lotan, met me at the entrance to the “Bustan” (the eco-village, pictures soon to come!) and showed me to my room, where I immediately got ready for bed and passed out – I was pretty exhausted and had a big day ahead of me. Stay tuned for more adventures :)


  1. Did you got to see any of the landscape on the flight to Eilat? Or was it too dark? so relieved to know this arduous journey got you to where you are supposed to be more or less on time! Love-Ima

  2. It was too dark, and I was too tired haha. Maybe on the way back! I'm glad I got here too-never been happier to arrive somewhere in one piece :)